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We Bid You Welcome
Sway With Me
Pierce The Screen
Thirlmere, February, 1922
Morning of High Silence
Achren's Riddle
Hanging Tree
Fallen Elm
Woodlands of England
Green City
Dialogue From A Canterbury Tale
Turn the Lathe Gently
Wood-Burning Rhyme
Charcoal-Burner/Burning Up
The Bee and The Butterfly
Thanks Trees!
Sway with Me
Apple Pie
Judy Dunlop
Ashley Hutchings
The Usual Suspects
Some Tree Lore
Roots and Branches: the links

Judy Dunlop

An established performer from the age 13, Judy Dunlop has built a career based on a very solid singing talent. Judy is currently performing in several line-ups. In a duo with Jon Scaife she brings her unique folk style to self-penned songs and together they encompass some suprising adaptations of material from other genres

Sway With Me 1991
Albino ALB007 (CD, UK, 1991)

My Arms Are A Cradle 1999
HTCD106 1999

Street Cries 2001
Topic Records TSCD535 (CD, UK, 2001)

Human Nature 2003
Talking Elephant TECD053 (CD, UK, 2003)


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