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We Bid You Welcome
Sway With Me
Pierce The Screen
Thirlmere, February, 1922
Morning of High Silence
Achren's Riddle
Hanging Tree
Fallen Elm
Woodlands of England
Green City
Dialogue From A Canterbury Tale
Turn the Lathe Gently
Wood-Burning Rhyme
Charcoal-Burner/Burning Up
The Bee and The Butterfly
Thanks Trees!
Sway with Me
Apple Pie
Judy Dunlop
Ashley Hutchings
The Usual Suspects
Some Tree Lore
Roots and Branches: the links


"What will the axemen do, when they have cut their way from sea to sea?"
-James Fenimore Cooper
The Pioneers. 1823

Sway With Me. Judy Dunlop& Ashley Hutchings

As you entered the site, the voices you heard were those of  Judy Dunlop and Ashley Hutchings explaining to us just how important trees are to the earth and to all living things, including us humans, who dwell upon this planet.This site we hope will also aid in helping you fully understand this very important point
There's history here, there's mythology here, there is history and geography, and of course there is the music. We'll be providing several tracks from the album, including Thanks Trees, which you've already heard, and another recitation by Judy Dunlop, Mannikins, which is taken from the writings of the theosophical teacher, mystic and gnostic seer, Geoffrey Hodson (1886-1983), more of whom we will find out about a little later on.
Woodworking is an area we'll also be looking at, for this, a most ancient of crafts, is inexorably entwined with the tree, for if we use the tree wisely, we can create beauty, as is illustrated in the song Turn The Lathe Gently, in which the hero of the song creates, from the wood of the ash, a fiddle which, its turn, creates beautiful music. So many paths to follow, all created by Ashley Hutchings, for he does, with this album, invite us to look more closely at our surroundings, at our nature in relationship with the world around us. Ashley continues this theme with his album, Human Nature, which in turn features some of the same musicians and singers as are to be found on the superb
 Sway With Me.

The New Forest

Sway With Me 1991
Albino ALB007 (CD, UK, 1991)

the oldest living tree

This how it all works

Albion the Cat

The British Folk Revival

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