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Sway With Me
Pierce The Screen
Thirlmere, February, 1922
Morning of High Silence
Achren's Riddle
Hanging Tree
Fallen Elm
Woodlands of England
Green City
Dialogue From A Canterbury Tale
Turn the Lathe Gently
Wood-Burning Rhyme
Charcoal-Burner/Burning Up
The Bee and The Butterfly
Thanks Trees!
Sway with Me
Apple Pie
Judy Dunlop
Ashley Hutchings
The Usual Suspects
Some Tree Lore
Roots and Branches: the links

Wild About Woods

The Guille Dhu are the Tree Folk the protectors of the Forest. They were originally native to the British Isles. The Ghille Dhu,unlike Western Kithian are blessed with the ability to harvest raw glamour directly from a natural environment. The Ghille Dhu are closely attuned to nature and the changing of the seasons and such change birthrights with Seemings: in Childling form they have limitless patience to try things over again until they are done correctly, in their wilder years they are gifted with beauty and strength, and in their greybeard years have a deep pool of sagacious wisdom of all things fae.

Sway With Me

1886 - 1983

This Way

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