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A Canterbury Tale 1944

This compelling drama by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger is now acknowledged as one of their finest films. Their reworking of Chaucer's epic 14th century tale, largely set in wartime Kent, centres on an American army sergeant John Sweet, British soldier Dennis Price and landgirl Sheila Sim who, before making a modern-day pilgrimage to Canterbury, solve the bizarre mystery of a man who pours glue over the hair of village girls at night. Stunning cinematography (notably a superb opening shot of a medieval falcon flying up and transforming into a WW2 Spitfire) is matched by fine performances from Smith, Price, Sim and  Portman.The end results are quite special, though these same end results were probably dictated by the need for an uplifting movie during the War but  have neither the of the feelings of being maudlin or contrived and hold up very well after fifty years.It is tempting, as it always is with a film like this, to single out individual performances by the cast members but this is clearly an ensemble piece and all, from the major to the minor roles, are simply superb. A Canterbury Tale is true gem of a film.

Producers: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Screenplay: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Director of Photography: Erwin Hillier
Editor: John Seabourne
Music: Allan Gray
Production Company: The Archers Film Productions
Running Time: 124 minutes

A Canterbury Tale
Shelia Sim

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The Archers

This Way

Sway With Me

opening sequence [click for larger image]

the British Film Institute's
webpage on this absolutely
brilliant and stunning film

massive thanks go out to
Neil Murray for these.
they can be  found on a
 website about the work of
Powell and Pressburger,
run by Steve Crook.
it's a labour of love, and
it shows. Thanks Steve!

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A Canterbury Tale 1944

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